Blanca Gaig

© Pia Clodi.

© Pia Clodi.

Photography got me naturally. Born and raised in an artist family, and trained to be a journalist, I picked up a camera a certain day to experiment and never let it back. Weddings started to arrive and I was captivated by everything a day was able to tell, and all I could share. Ten years behind the lens have seen me grow, professionally and personally, to the point of becoming a mom and seeing many of my clients become, to this day, friends.

Under my sight, photography goes beyond freezing the moment. I believe behind every good image there is training and hard work, study, preparation and connection. The art of being. The capacity to see

I also believe in the power of collaboration. I love working with other artists -painters, creatives, videographers, stylists, planners, make-up professionals, chefs, architects, designers- and create. I you feel like working together, please feel free to contact.

Along with photography I love to write, but here I prefer to show myself through my images. Thank you for your time!